Bolle Willum Luxdorph.

Bolle Willum LuxdorphAlder: 7217161788

Bolle Willum Luxdorph
Bolle Willum
Fødsel 24. juli 1716 32 41
Mormors dødElse Christensdatter Luxdorph
15. februar 1722 (Alder 5)
Fars dødChristian Luxdorph
26. juni 1726 (Alder 9)
Mors dødSusanne Magdalene Willumsdatter Worm
7. mai 1735 (Alder 18)
Død 13. august 1788 (Alder 72)
Delt notat
Bolle var Etatsraad og Generalprokurør til Mørup. The first Dane known to have studied old age was Bolle Will um Luxdorph (1716-88). He was a high-ranking civil servan t in the Danish-Norwegian monarchy, leader of the Danish Ch ancellery. Luxdorph was a man of wide and varied interests . He cultivated roses, he was well-trained in classical stu dies and wrote, as one of the last in Denmark, a beautifu l Latin. He published poems in Danish and of course in Lati n and was a prolific writer in many fields. He was a grea t book-collector, and he kept a diary every day for decades . This voluminous diary has been published in our century a nd is one of the most rewarding sources of 18th century Dan ish-Norwegian history. Bolle Willum Luxdorph followed various tracks in his studie s of old age. He compiled two catalogues of longævi ('longl ivers'), ie people who had lived 80 years or more, 80 year s being from Roman times the beginning of senectitute. He c ollected pictures of longævi. Finally in 1780 he made an in vestigation of the phenomenon of centenarians in the Danish -Norwegian monarchy of the late 18th century.
MedieobjektBolle Willum Luxdorph.Bolle Willum Luxdorph.
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MedieobjektBolle Willum Luxdorph.Bolle Willum Luxdorph.
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Notat: Oljemaleri av G. Fuchs i 1782.